I am a proud, founding member of thy itty, bitty titty committee – I even have the club tattoo and membership discount card to prove it. Despite my total contentment in my chest size, I have suffered. Suffered through the countless, traumatic questions regarding the status of my pubescence, difficulty in finding a bra that does not come with Powerpuff girls packaging and the persistent comparisons between breasts and pecks. With much thanks to an evolving societal viewpoint, curves are now celebrated (as they damn should be), with desired physical ideals changing. Big butts, big boobs and big ass confidence they say, leaving us somewhat voluptuously challenged humans, well and truly in the shadows. It can be a tough ol’ world out there for some.

Fear not gals, for there are some marvellous things about rocking a smaller bust. The liberating freedom that comes with total independence from bras, allowing gal pals all over the world to let their puppies as free as nature had intended. Another incomprehensibly brilliant plus is total and utter free will in your clothing choices. Low back, low front, open sides, cut outs, anything is possible as demonstrated by this Winston Wolfe number. Open back and high neck, comfortable and stylish – this dress says yes to everyone. It’s delicate, almost matte silk is necessary in navigating everyday perils but is also majestic enough for night time festivities. You see, small boobs can do whatever the hell it is they want to and that’s the beauty of ‘em.

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Wearing: Asos felt hat, Winston Wolfe rust dress, Hermes cuff, Marho the Label heels.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli



Every dickhead and their dog harps on and on about the little black dress, the everyday necessity for the modern day lady. Aside from the obvious perks of ease, comfort and versatility, the LBD’s long forgotten, shy younger sister, the little white dress, is totally and completely, under-bloody-rated. Arguably just as versatile and designed for comfort and ease, the LWD is for the bold and brave – the girl not afraid to rock a food stain or two and given my families genetic disposition for making a mess, it seems a natural fit. This ‘Northshore Denim’ mini has all the qualities any gal could ask for – pockets, durable material, style and a price tag that will give you a kiss, a hug and not do too much damage. Yes please.

Also worthy of an honourable mention are these ‘Orelia’ hoops – the first, heroic hoop earring to stand up against the graphic horror of matching velour tracksuits and their dreaded counterpart, of overly-teased hair. Ending the lasting reign of ‘more is more’ and putting a stop to crimes against hoops – it’s about time, these babies got themselves a medal.

Wearing: Northshore Denim mini dress (exclusive to Asos), Orelia London earrings, Marho the Label boots
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli