Financially Stable

There is an elite club of bloody talented Australian designers with the Queen of the castle at the helm. Kym Ellery is without a doubt the crowning matriarch of Australian fashion, dominating the scene with minimalist, structural beauty.  She manages to put in a stupid amount of class and style into every garment. I recently cashed in my ‘financially stable’ chip for this hourglass blazer without so much as a lip sweat and the fruits of my shopping labour have well and truly been justified.

This blazer oozes quality like nobody’s business with a feminine silhouette, open back and the additions of silk and shape. Differentiated by these amazing design qualities, Ellery repeatedly verifies their legendary status. Hot damn, I luv dis blazer.

Wearing: Chanel espadrilles, Ellery Christen blazer, Bettina Liano Leather pants, Sass and Bide jumper, Celine wallet
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli



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