Juicy, Juicy Mangoes

Shoulders, the small girl’s cleavage. For those lucky or unlucky girls, whichever way you see it, lacking in the juicy, juicy mango department have options. Showing off those shoulders can be just as scandalous as you know, getting your rack out. They don’t need supportive garments and are mostly, I hope, nipple deficient, therefore the obvious choice for every small busted, bra-less girl. This Asilio blazer is what a lacy, push up bra is to boobs and highlights my juicy, juicy shoulders (Dm for nudes).

Should I mention it also doubles as a blazer? Bra for the shoulders, blazer for the body and bloody good for the soul. My shoulders are far closer to a c cup than my breasts ever will be and thanks to Asilio the world can now appreciate em’.

Wearing: Etsy earrings, Asilio blazer, Winston Wolfe leather pants, Gucci loafer
Photos: Ana Borrelli


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