Double Doi

I have a problem, a serious, life-altering addiction. It’s taking over my life, my house, my wardrobe. I’ve tried going cold turkey and attending AA meetings but nothing has helped me kick my filthy habit for good. So instead of desperately struggling with my compulsion, I’ve decided to embrace it as a central part of my sugary existence. Hello, my name is Rachel and I’m addicted to blazers.

With countless beautifully structured garments squatting in my closet I can’t help but wonder whether my blazer problem isn’t actually too much of a problem. I mean, let’s break it down. What do you turn to when none of your damn clothes are working for you? A blazer, doi peoples. One step further? A leather blazer. Double doi. Presenting the holy grail of leather blazers and the catalyst to my addiction.

Wearing: Balmain double-breasted leather blazer found here, Insight Sasha denim skirt found here, Gucci Black GG Marmont belt found here, Billabong neoprene bandeau top similar found here.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli

15934335_10212275780996742_1363086194_n - Copy - Copy15934507_10212275780436728_726475571_n - Copy15935608_10212275779196697_1820668338_n15934687_10212275778876689_1564505406_n

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