Gluten products

I’m a tee-shirt junkie. Shockingly I don’t wear thigh-high boots and leather all the time – what a damn rip-off! Much of the time I’m sat in front of the telly, scoffing stale gluten products with pyjama pants made for 5 foot 3’ midgets. So when I can bring both of my worlds together, my cankle-bearing, ¾ pyjama pant wearing self and my fashion-loving alter-ego, it’s a beautiful and bloody rare occasion.

This Balenciaga bad boy ticks all of the boxes, including the biscuit box where my glutinous products are housed. Comfortable enough to appease my inner sloth, yet edgy and totally versatile enough for the aesthetic gremlin that occupies half of my brain.

Yay for Balenciaga, yay for 5 foot 3’ midgets and yay for gluten products.

WEARING: Balanciaga tee found here, Jbrand jeans similar found here, Chanel runway suede heels pearl pumps.
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