Passive aggressive email career

I’ve recently come to the major life conclusion that I don’t desire the corporate life, I’d once so convincingly imagined for myself. A life of lunch room sit-downs, the 9 to 5 grind but most importantly power dressing, is now sadly off the business cards.

The true Greek tragedy in all of this remains the collection of tailored pants, suave blazers and snotty emails I’ll never be able to unleash onto the world. Alas, wipe those invisible tears away people, there’s still a tiny ray of hope.

My passive aggressive email career might be shot, but my corporate dressing vocation is looking as hot as my shoulder pads (smoking, duh).

This Georgia Alice bad boy set is ticking all of the professional boxes I never will. Crisp, makes a good first impression and is a badass in the boardroom – you bloody ripper.

Wearing: Georgia Alice pant suit, Celine necklace, similar found here and Are You Am I crop, similar found here.

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