Eau De Parfum

You might’ve grasped by now that I don’t mind dropping my hard earned dollars on a big ticket item every now and then. What’s money for, if not to be blown on spontaneous, unnecessary items? I’ll give you a minute to take in the sour waft of first world brat, my natural eau de parfum.

As the years have tidal-waved by and my budget for said spontaneous, big ticket items has dwindled, as has my youthful complexion, I’ve found myself getting creative. Bargain hunting, re-working old pieces and thrifting has become the new reality and damn, it’s a ride. This caramel blazer has the look and feel of a luxury, money-stealing garment with a THREE DOLLARYDOO price tag. Cue clapping, tears and goose bumps.

Wearing: Thrifted caramel blazer similar found here, Forever 21 cap similar found here, Urban Outfitters crop tee found here and Zara leather skirt similar found here.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli.


Girl Code

We’re all aware of girl code, the fundamental rules of the female bond. These strict rules are a universal language and predominately known to apply to the peen and veen, in the categories of partners and exes. Yet one element of girl code often falls neglected, clothes code and don’t you forget it. While I admit, I regularly preach the virtues of clothes code, I was recently, shamefully guilty of violating the sanctity that is.

On a retail therapy expedition with one of my best and fairest, I broke all of the rules and planted the seed of friendship resentment – I broke clothes code. In a distressing turn of events, said b&f came out on top with a generous cluster of coat hangers, while I was left red-faced and empty handed.

Tempers flared and after a troubling changing room showdown, I lashed out and did the unforgivable, I asked to buy the same top. GIRL CODE ALERT. In a show of unbridled generosity Lou said yes and here it is boys, this rugged denim crop. Worth it you ask? Yes? No? I don’t know? She still brings it up when she’s drunk, but time heals all wounds, right?

Wearing: Zara denim crop similar found here, here and here, Asos denim jeans similar on sale here, Louis Vuitton Epi Twist bag found here, thin rats tail hair similar found here.

Photos: Anastasia Borrelli
Words proofed by: Tyana Rongonoui




Auntie Debbie

In case any of you fine people were under any misconceptions of my innate sartorial standards, I am in fact a giant slob. My everyday attire consists of pyjamas, active wear and a nice sloppy tee or three.

For much of the week my OTT, adventurous threads lay idle while I parade around in any number of my prized Target leggings or one of the “fun, sporty” jumpers Auntie Debbie threw my way at Christmas.

But before you count me out as a pioneer of the fashion world (count me out, count me out right now), I wanted to throw a lil’ kudos my way. I have to say, this S LO B can pick a jewel.

Lemon Jewellery, an actual pioneer of the Aussie fashion sphere, has me stepping out of the comfort zone that are my dog-hair covered black compression tights and dare I say it, have me accessorising. It don’t matter where you’re going, what you’re doing or what you’re wearing, these jewels are to be worn always.

Update: Currently writing this with my best pair of (and by that I mean of course, my cleanest) leggings on and some Priscilla Queen of the Desert earrings and damn I look fabulous. Don’t let your jewellery stash sit idle any longer people.

Wearing: Lemon Jewellery Bitter sweet Boney Bracelet similar found here, Lemon Jewellery Stick It Bracelet found here and similar found here, Lemon Jewellery Ribcage choker similar found here and here, vintage lion ring similar found here, Estelle Deve gold rings similar found here, Asos signet ring found here, vintage gold link watch similar found here, Asos eyelash lace bra similar found here.
Photography: Gridcity.photo


The Interior Files

Alexandra Pratt, 21. Adelaide, South Australia.
An office manager by day and wedding photographer, videographer and general badass by night, Lexi kindly let us invade the beautifully adorned apartment she shares with her talented partner Jeremy of Gryst Photo and their fluffer of a kitty, Kira. (Metaphorical slap on the ass for no pussy jokes). Not only is she strikingly beautiful, wise beyond her years and as sweet as I am salty but b*tch got style. Unapologetically original in her taste, Alex’s warm coastal abode highlights her weakness for eclectic, vintage furniture.


Her favourite piece, a vanity found roadside, forms the centrepiece of the living space and moonlights as a home to her abundant, jungle-like house plants.

With incense burning and the soulful tones of Bob Dylan setting the scene, Lexi talked about her affection for the 70’s, “anything with a turtleneck, crocheted or flared” and is a theme inherently showcased in her interior choices. Old Playboy magazines, thrift shop trinkets and Polaroids of the aesthetically pleasing couple (to say the least), litter the bookshelves.

When asked to describe her style, Alex simply stated “ I got it from Savers”. The most treasured item of clothing in her arsenal, a burnt orange knit skirt reflective of her distinctive sense of style. “Comfortable, warm, a little granny chic with a hint of leg to keep things interesting”.

With a move to Byron Bay imminent, keep your eyes out for this creative wizard as she fiercely pursues her passion for photography in the Aussie mecca of artistic exploration; kittens in tow, of course!


Photography: Anastasia Borrelli
Featuring: Alex Pratt
Alex wore, in order of appearance: Vintage gold blouse, Wrangler jeans similar found here, Shevoke glasses similar found here & Wittner boots similar found here and here. White Asos Basic tee similar found here, Fallen Broken Street hat found here, Free People necklace similar found here, White Closet skirt similar found here, Wittner boots & Casio watch similar found here.


After a recent and very brief spring cleaning session, I stumbled across my extensive hat collection. Panamas, caps, sun hats, you bloody name it. Hats on hats on hats. Thinking long and soft about why the hell I have so many damn dandruff coverers squatting in my wardrobe, I found my mind wandering back to old times. My passion for hats started young, five years in actually, thanks for asking. Let me take you back. Mum had packed my bag, slapped a fiver in my greedy little grubbers for a gourmet lunch of salt & vinnies and a sausage roll and bestowed a legionnaire’s hat upon my bean like a damn crown. Slay, Queen, bow down etc etc.

Admiring my collection now, the legionnaire’s unfortunately is noticeably absent but this Lack of Color Rose boater is more than making up for it. Truly mirroring my slay, queen, bow down moment circa 2005. Get around it.

Wearing: Lack of Color ‘Rose‘ Boater found here, Urban Outfitters ‘Sunshine‘ aviators found here, Zara blouse similar found here & Insight ‘Sasha‘ denim skirt found here.
Photography: Anastasia Borrelli @anastasia.borrelli


Blue Shirt Baby

Despite my childhood disgust at any colour outside the realm of yellow, (sports day house colour, duh) I now regard myself a reformed woman and maturely manage not to stick my nose up at the reds, blues and greens of this scary world. Some might say, I have even grown to care for them, in a sorry-I-beat-you-in-long-jump kind of way. Putting my bias aside, I have found space in my bitter, blackened heart for a varied colour palette and now, joyously, my wardrobe is reaping the fruits of my now open mind.

Ladies, Gentlemen and those who don’t identify, I present you with my newest, bluest sartorial triumph. This nifty blouse is finally doing the colour blue proud (offense intended to those of you who darkened the door of the blue house team). Streamlined at the waist, cheap and chips and easy to wear, I’m kicking goals over here.

Wearing: Asos blouse similar found here, Hurley denim skirt found here, Louis Vuitton MM Epi Leather Twist bag found here.
Photography: Anastasia Borrelli @grid.city


Back Rash

I’ve always had a mental block up against lace. It could be down to the psychological effects of my Grannies extreme fondness for doyleys and tablecloths on every surface, ever. Exquisite taste obviously runs in the family. Or it could just maybe, have something to do with my year 6 school disco outfit, a black lace crop that provided me with some lustful glances from a few pimply, prepubescent gremlins and a ripper of a back rash. Either way, I haven’t stepped foot in a lace thread for years, that is, until now. You see, there are sometimes people or things, objects or in my troubling case, clothing items that can help you move past your lifelong traumas and I think I’ve finally found mine.

This Alice McCall frock is everything I could have wished for, giving my aching soul a much needed breather and delivering some style (much needed) to my somewhat dulcet life. I’m not sure if I am a fully converted lace lover yet, I still have a few months of psychoanalysis and group meetings before that, but I am now well and truly on my way.

Wearing: Alice McCall ‘Like I Would’ lace mini dress (currently on sale here), Tom Ford ‘Nastasya’ sunglasses (silver version found here), Amber Sceats ‘Jet’ earrings (currently on sale here).
Photos: Anastasia Borrellli 15403152_10154468023519130_1730497994_n15403089_10154468023379130_460900154_n15403075_10154468024049130_1553034029_n15416181_10154468023424130_1006897688_n


I have a massive head, an abnormally large cranium size according to measurements. It’s a condition called ‘Superior Intelligence’, essentially resulting in a bobble head-esque skull size. The world’s best minds have put it down to the expansion of skull tissue due to cranium overcrowding. Basically means your bean is so full to the brim with brains, wisdom and superlative motor skills that it moves up a cup size, got it? It’s somewhat similar to Mr G’s dog Celine, in Summer Heights High. But unlike poor, little Celine, I have the ability and means to disguise mine. Beanies, bad hair styles and hats will do the trick. But like many physical ailments before it, ‘Superior Intelligence’ has its hurdles. Finding hats to fit is never something to underestimate. Shopping in the men’s hat aisle has often been a humiliating experience, leaving emotional scars that have failed to heal over the years.

My discovery of Lack of Color hats is hardly ground-breaking, I know. They’ve been around, providing the world with their glorious designs for a number of years now, but something that sets them apart is their sizing. Generous enough for the likes of Celine and I but small enough for petite skull sizes too. Inclusion at its finest. They actually happen to be really good looking hats too, which is an improvement from my history of men’s broad-brims and caps. What more could you ask for?

Wearing: Lack of Color ‘Stardust Boater’, Zara silk blouse, Fella Swim bikini top, J brand Jeans, Natasha Schweitzer ‘Double Hoop Single Earring’ in silver.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli


Pretentious Tosser

I’m lazy, I know. I’ve been putting off writing about this Zimmermann beauty for yonks. You see, every time I go to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, the unsettling feeling of expectation washes over me. The very real fear of not doing this frock the justice it deserves reaches new levels, but today is a new day and I’m biting the bullet. Brave I know, so here goes.

This exquisitely constructed feat of design and beauty is tes— somebody stick a bloody sock in me. Being a pretentious tosser, although typically effective for me, isn’t good enough today. The idea of letting the images speak for themselves appeals too, but again, the pretentious tosser actually featured in photos rules that one out. Gross. So after exhausting all possible writing avenues I’ve settled on stating the obvious for you all and yes, you are so very welcome. This dress is pretty, very pretty. The kind of pretty that punches you in the throat every time you see it. It radiates quality and is a pretty badass option for summer or winter, day or night. Just go out and buy the damn thing; the best advice I’ve produced for you all today.

Wearing: Zimmermann Mischief Rosette dress
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli