Auntie Debbie

In case any of you fine people were under any misconceptions of my innate sartorial standards, I am in fact a giant slob. My everyday attire consists of pyjamas, active wear and a nice sloppy tee or three.

For much of the week my OTT, adventurous threads lay idle while I parade around in any number of my prized Target leggings or one of the “fun, sporty” jumpers Auntie Debbie threw my way at Christmas.

But before you count me out as a pioneer of the fashion world (count me out, count me out right now), I wanted to throw a lil’ kudos my way. I have to say, this S LO B can pick a jewel.

Lemon Jewellery, an actual pioneer of the Aussie fashion sphere, has me stepping out of the comfort zone that are my dog-hair covered black compression tights and dare I say it, have me accessorising. It don’t matter where you’re going, what you’re doing or what you’re wearing, these jewels are to be worn always.

Update: Currently writing this with my best pair of (and by that I mean of course, my cleanest) leggings on and some Priscilla Queen of the Desert earrings and damn I look fabulous. Don’t let your jewellery stash sit idle any longer people.

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