Sartorial Adequacy

There’s nothing like a touch of travelling to humble you. It’s an easy feat looking good, feeling good and smelling good when you have an arsenal of creature comforts to provide a cushy, body-odour-free pillow to fall your ass back on.

Managing a high level of sartorial adequacy is near impossible when your mind is occupied with tickets, visas and you know, not losing your damn passport.

A sure fire way to avoid looking like a dingus with crap taste on holiday is packing well and not making my over-packing mistakes. Turns out taking three hats, two leather jackets and 14.5 bikinis around the northern hemisphere will suck the sweet life out of you.

So boys, I’ve come up with the ultimate solution. Drop some dimes on AREYOUAMI pre-vacation and find yourself well and truly stocked up on easy, comfortable, holiday staples. Duh, don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier.

Wearing: Are You Am I ‘Kimia’ bodysuit found here, Forever 21 denim wrap skirt, similar found here,  Saint Claude Social Club vintage necklace, similar found here, Tom Ford ‘Nastasya’ sunglasses similar found here, Vintage straw backpack similar found here.
Photography: Louise Armstrong