Cognitive Modification

It’s a tough gig being the only girl in a male dominated familia, with more testosterone pumping through my veins than estrogen, and an upper cut to rival Francis Ngannou’s as proof. My long suffering mother, having just produced three humans of the male variety, longed for a girl to #collab with in the feminine things in life.

Overwhelmed by the untouched avenues of pink, lacy and frilly, Ma went a lil’ too hard. For the first decade of my cushy, cushy life Mum dressed me in nothing but polka dots and pissy pinks – a tough scar to heal.

Against the odds and my natural instincts, I have grown to love the polka dot again. It has taken some time and a great deal of cognitive modification to welcome the dot back into the fold, but alas, here it is.

Wearing: Bec and Bridge ‘Bonjour’ dress found here, Acne Studios clutch similar found here.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli


The Wardrobe Tours

Leah Alexiou, Adelaide – thecurvyfashionista_

Smell something? Yeah, that’d be the crippling scent of overachievement – clearly not coming from me. Introducing the face behind the name, Leah Alexiou, better known for her alter ego, Sasha Fierce… whoops, sorry, The Curvy Fashionista.25105538_10215632436511032_2033126270_n
A smarty pants by nature, Miss Alexiou is 19 years young with a year of studying psychology under her belt. The Curvy Fashionista herself, created her Instagram page at the ripe ol’ age of 14 after struggling with self-acceptance and the bloody circus that is puberty.

“I saw a gap online with very little representation, or even celebration of curvy women – so I filled it.”

With 1,000 followers and a budding brand, lightning struck for Alexiou and some lass called Kim Kardashian chucked her a follow – heard of her? Yeah, nah, neither. Then followed Khloe and Kylie, bringing with them, more than 900,000 followers.25105393_10215632436231025_1383855291_n
But her success simply cannot be boiled down to the Kardashian factor, as Leah has an undeniable sense for what her followers want and need from their favourite page – the key to her burgeoning brand, she says.

“My own need to see pages promoting curvy body types has, I think, been a reason why I can identify what my audience likes”.

A highlight of Curvy’s success so far? Kim Kardashian sliding into her DM’s to ask Leah what filter she uses – “Aden” for the curious among us.25105444_10215632438471081_180479142_n
What does the future look like for this superstar, you ask? The prospect of a career in styling, check out Polyvore account to pick up what I’m putting down, and eventually, a fashion label with sister, Victoria (@a1daily). In the meantime, keep an eye and an ear out on YouTube and continue fervently scrollin’ through.

Leah wearing: Fifth the Label
Photo wizardry: Anastasia Borrelli
Proofed: Tyana Rongonui


Girl Code

We’re all aware of girl code, the fundamental rules of the female bond. These strict rules are a universal language and predominately known to apply to the peen and veen, in the categories of partners and exes. Yet one element of girl code often falls neglected, clothes code and don’t you forget it. While I admit, I regularly preach the virtues of clothes code, I was recently, shamefully guilty of violating the sanctity that is.

On a retail therapy expedition with one of my best and fairest, I broke all of the rules and planted the seed of friendship resentment – I broke clothes code. In a distressing turn of events, said b&f came out on top with a generous cluster of coat hangers, while I was left red-faced and empty handed.

Tempers flared and after a troubling changing room showdown, I lashed out and did the unforgivable, I asked to buy the same top. GIRL CODE ALERT. In a show of unbridled generosity Lou said yes and here it is boys, this rugged denim crop. Worth it you ask? Yes? No? I don’t know? She still brings it up when she’s drunk, but time heals all wounds, right?

Wearing: Zara denim crop similar found here, here and here, Asos denim jeans similar on sale here, Louis Vuitton Epi Twist bag found here, thin rats tail hair similar found here.

Photos: Anastasia Borrelli
Words proofed by: Tyana Rongonoui