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Leah Alexiou, Adelaide – thecurvyfashionista_

Smell something? Yeah, that’d be the crippling scent of overachievement – clearly not coming from me. Introducing the face behind the name, Leah Alexiou, better known for her alter ego, Sasha Fierce… whoops, sorry, The Curvy Fashionista.25105538_10215632436511032_2033126270_n
A smarty pants by nature, Miss Alexiou is 19 years young with a year of studying psychology under her belt. The Curvy Fashionista herself, created her Instagram page at the ripe ol’ age of 14 after struggling with self-acceptance and the bloody circus that is puberty.

“I saw a gap online with very little representation, or even celebration of curvy women – so I filled it.”

With 1,000 followers and a budding brand, lightning struck for Alexiou and some lass called Kim Kardashian chucked her a follow – heard of her? Yeah, nah, neither. Then followed Khloe and Kylie, bringing with them, more than 900,000 followers.25105393_10215632436231025_1383855291_n
But her success simply cannot be boiled down to the Kardashian factor, as Leah has an undeniable sense for what her followers want and need from their favourite page – the key to her burgeoning brand, she says.

“My own need to see pages promoting curvy body types has, I think, been a reason why I can identify what my audience likes”.

A highlight of Curvy’s success so far? Kim Kardashian sliding into her DM’s to ask Leah what filter she uses – “Aden” for the curious among us.25105444_10215632438471081_180479142_n
What does the future look like for this superstar, you ask? The prospect of a career in styling, check out Polyvore account to pick up what I’m putting down, and eventually, a fashion label with sister, Victoria (@a1daily). In the meantime, keep an eye and an ear out on YouTube and continue fervently scrollin’ through.

Leah wearing: Fifth the Label
Photo wizardry: Anastasia Borrelli
Proofed: Tyana Rongonui