Bloody Disgrace

I am currently suffering through the whirlwind, or more accurately shit storm, of 21st celebrations and recently found myself incredibly affronted. Apparently a friend of a friend (resisting the urge to name and shame) decided it was appropriate to have an ‘ugly sweater’ themed party, to which, some impertinent party-goers wore Christmas jumpers. What a bloody disgrace. Firstly, I must address the slandering of the time-honoured tradition of Christmas jumpers that has universally graced our world since the commercialisation of Jesus’s birth (2006-ish maybe). What a bloody disgrace. Secondly, I must make my personal views on the matter known. I am and have been for a number of years, an exceedingly proud owner of a tasteful, versatile and damn right nifty Chrissy knit. It is the crowning glory of my wardrobe and has served me so very well over the years.

Despite my slightly tragic loyalty to her, my Christmas jumper doesn’t make a smooth transition to casual wear, she’s better suited to glitz n glamour. For the sake of my casual wear game, I’ve hit up a crowd favourite – I Love Mr Mittens. Mr Mittens has all the answers to all your questions, kind of like Santa but with way less swag.

Wearing: I Love Mr Mittens knit, Missguided ribbed dress
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli




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