Wizard Boy

I have a dream, actually I have two. Number one is to not diminish the astronomical importance of the phrase itself and the other, well it’s to have a damn superpower. Initially I thought invisibility would be the way to go, you know, Harry Potter and all that but if we’re honest, orphaned wizard boy really didn’t utilise it enough. I mean, not only did he NOT steal any food or snoop through anyone’s stuff, he didn’t even try to perv on Hermione – dingus. I just can’t respect that. Now, although it would be totally magnificent to be able to check off all of the above, I think we can do one better. The ability to fly would be like, totally fly.

This Ellery number is giving me wings, no Redbull reference intended. This darlin’ is flattering and fitted, making my vast back catalogue of black on black look, well, rather beige (kinda like Harry and Ginny’s romance). Now before I begin sounding too comparable to a rumbling, mumbling and slightly inaccurate encyclopaedia of Harry Potter knowledge, I sign off with some wise words. Kym Ellery is undeniably our national darn treasure.

Wearing: Ellery top, Jbrand jeans, Dior sunglasses, R.M Williams ‘Millcent’ boots
Photos: Ana Borrelli