First Time

I think we can all remember our first time. For many of us, the first is the worst, a truly ghastly experience that can take years and years to psychologically recuperate from. Mine was just that. Year nine, fourteen and so very impetuous. Having made the rash assumption that I could handle the consequences, I just, kind of, went for it. I forwent the traditional method of slip, slop, slap, believing in the suns power to transform me into an exotic, olive-skinned, beach-dwelling fox only to have the harsh light of day, quite literally, come tumbling down on me. My first sunburn was the single nastiest thing I’ve subjected my body to, closely trailing my mums cooking.

After years and years of close consultation with an old pal called ‘hindsight’, I have learnt that your single most valuable possession is healthy skin and a gentle and compassionate understanding of your mother’s total ineptitude in the kitchen. Sun safety tends to get lobbed in with the 1980’s style Cancer-council sunglasses and the visual displeasure of the rash vest, when it really belongs sitting alongside the glamorous, broad-brimmed hat. This ‘Lack of Colour’ hat has you covered, making it both tangible and badass to be skin health conscious this summer. Quite frankly sh*tting on most alternatives on the market, this absolute superstar LOC creation is singing me a sweet, banana boat lullaby while making me the swaggiest pale girl on the beach circuit this year. You better believe it.

Wearing: Lack of Colour ‘Russo’ hat, Tom Ford sunglasses, vintage shorts and sandals, Rhythm bikini top
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli