I very rarely feel the need to be girly, but today some kind of oestrogen filled wave washed over me and I had to take advantage of it. A feeling I imagine to be somewhat similar to pregnancy, this sporadic and fleeting moment empowered my inner woman and my outfit had to join the party. Aside from its obvious links to the underworld of pixies and fairies, this dress looks and feels like unwavering joy. Both risqué and comfortable, this garment closely emulates silk without the imminent panic of dribbling, staining or ripping it. The chance of nip-slips are high but #freethenipple I say and another thing not to sweat about guys, its cheap! Weighing in at around $140 Aussie dollars or my weekly taco bill, this dress is unlikely to make too much of a dent in the bank.

Before you tune out of my mindless dibble, these shoes anyone? Without a doubt, the sleekest trotters I have seen in all of my days. Created by Kanye West in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti, the ‘Cruel Summer’ collection has my socks, well and truly rocked.

Wearing: Nasty Gal dress, Christopher Kane clutch, Giuseppe Zanotti X Kanye West ‘Cruel Summer’ heels.

Photographer – Anastasia Borrelli


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