Raging Crush

I have an innate predisposition to froth (more of a dribble) over anything colourful and anything floaty and so this recipe calls for a lil’ bit or a lot, of Alice McCall. A dash of pretty, a pinch of cool and a whole lot of someone shut me the hell up. I can’t help it, clothes like this skirt enthuse me just that little too much. Tailored for the female body, this garment accentuates curves, length and movement, not to mention it has the best dang print in all the land.

It is very rare these days to find uniqueness and originality in a piece of clothing, but this sucker ticks all of those boxes. It is not understated and certainly not subtle, but it’s as beautiful as it is daring and I have a mad, raging crush and can’t help it.

Wearing: Alice McCall skirt, Balenciaga Blade boots, Asos singlet, Phillip Lim Minute clutch
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli


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