I find it so darn difficult not to fall into the dangerous pattern of buying the same old thing. Like a bad Hoarders episode, I uncovered the same style long sleeved, low back top three times over in my wardrobe recently. With the risk of become that stale, forty-something year old woman with the same haircut as her teen years, I have decided to turn a new leaf. These pants have, with much gusto, bought a new life into my closet.

Lets start with the colour shall we? Very Parisian and very, very cool. Agreed? The fit, composition and construction speak for themselves and exude femininity in all ways. Made from Italian silk, these beauties have provided my wardrobe with an arsenal strong enough to bring down Putin. The designer, Kora Rae specialises in bespoke, ladylike creations and even donates a percentage of profits to the National Tiger Sanctuary in Missouri. Saving tigers and looking like a total boss, how could you not?

Wearing: Kora Rae Etienne pants, Ellery top, Celine Trio bag, Celine heels
Photos:Anastasia Borrelli