Sporty & Posh Spice

Today, as you can see, I am channelling sporty and posh spice wrapped up in one bundle of monochromatic wonderfulness. There is something so darn cool about a crisp white shirt (yes readers, I ironed it for you. I iron for nobody) and some leather-clad pins. The icy winter weather has not fully committed itself to Adelaide yet, so I can bask in this totally impractical outfit and all of the glory it comes with. With business in the front, party at the back and not just any party, the high-school-parents-away kind, I am left loving life.

Although I could talk forever about the perks of life in this shirt, I must divert your attention to the lower half of my outfit. I am exuding happiness from every pore, to live in a world where shoes such as Birkenstocks are not only socially acceptable but stylish too. These slides are just that, stylish, comfortable with a hint of badass. In summary, I am loving myself sick in this outfit and am only a tiny bit ashamed to admit it.

Wearing: Bettina Liano leather pants, Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses, Asos shirt, Alexander Wang ‘Prisma’ tote, Givenchy slides
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli