Carb Lovin’

Aside from bread, my greatest love comes in the form of a mean black blazer. It’s incredibly difficult to appear dishevelled with a classic, structured blazer draped over your shoulders. The more ‘together’ I can look, the better, so when I stumbled across this stunner by Kym Ellery, the instantaneous magnetic force between my fingers and bank card was just too immense to resist.

With intrinsically beautiful detailing, the quality and design savviness is more than apparent and worth spending a couple of extra pennies for. This lil’ badass blazer really is the be all and end all of the jacket world (like bread in the baked goods world), with fine stitching, rich materials and an old school attitude. Without sounding smug, this blazer kind of rules the world and has left me feeling like the carb-loving female James Bond, kind of rad.

Wearing: Josh Goot bustier, Ellery Sympatico blazer, Asos skirt, Celine Trio bag, Sportsgirl heels
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli