Silk and Fairy Wings

A sort of chemical reaction happens to my body anytime I discover an amazing piece of clothing, slight back-of-neck sweats, twitching fingers, increased heart rate. I generally use these symptoms as a sign that a garment needs to make its way into my wardrobe. A few weeks ago with a desperation in my soul, I quickly snapped up this gorgeous Zimmerman top before the world realised it was on sale. Yes people, half price.

Made from silk and fairy wings, this beautifully constructed piece displays the true extent of what the Zimmerman girls can really do. With fine boning providing support and structure, the bohemian array of patterns gives the top a twist of uniqueness and flair. I do have to warn you, any arm movement in this lil’ sucker is limited but I get the impression all you need to do in this top is air kiss, hold your clutch and wipe away the tears of your enemies. There really is nothing not to love. I’m not going to lie, if my house was on fire I would grab my pets, this top and maybe my family, maybe. On another note please excuse my heinous burn/tan/peeling lines, the sun is punishing me.

Wearing: Zimmerman V Riot top, Winston Wolfe Jack Rabbit leather pants, Acne Studios black clutch.
Photos: Bianca Shuman



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