As you can tell, I’m a devout minimalist. With the help of Confucius, Socrates and of course, Ikea, I have transformed my cluttered, chaotic life into an austere and restrained existence. No longer do I indulge in the practices of materialism, exhibiting the finer qualities of the Minimalistic lifestyle, and it is just that, a lifestyle.

This emotional upheaval is a change that has transcended into my sartorial choices, with my clothing now representing the discreet nature of my minimalistic life. As you can see, my garmets adhere to a strict black, white and grey palate, and serving merely as practical, functional items of apparel.

If you two are looking to simplify your life and your fashion choices, feel free to contact me for tips, tricks and words of wisdom (bullshit).

Wearing: Rat and Boa dress & Josh Goot corset, similar here.


My entire life I’ve had a complicated relationship with the crop top. Feelin’ a lil ripped off with the material yardage vs. price tag, it has taken me years to accept the crop as a legitimate item of clothing. Logistically speaking, the crop is about as useless as a regular tampon, okay for the most part but there’s always spillage.  Back fat or menstrual matter, it’s never pretty. While it’s taken a while to come to terms with it, my tolerance for crop tops, women with light periods and my own back flab has slightly increased.

I enthusiastically urge all of you badasses to follow suit.

Wearing: Dior crop from Vestiaire, Josh Goot Flowerbomb skirt similar found here, Celine Cowboy slides from Vestiaire, Cult Gaia bag found here, Celine ID necklace from Vestiaire.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli.


Ground Breaking

The thing about Adelaide ‘winter’, a bit of piss-weak rain and occasional dry pits, is that despite all enduring efforts, you will never be wearing the weather appropriate get up. As all fellow South Aussies know and hate, one minute you feel you’ve never felt the loving envelopment of warmth and the next, you’re trekking through the Saharan heat of SA. It can get real tricky, real fast. So here I am, sitting my acclimatised ass on the solution to all of your weather-induced problemos. The bomber anyone? Big bloody DUH, about as ground-breaking as florals in spring but really. This Goot bomber is providing all of the textbook comfort of your winter coat as well as protecting against our indecisive and highly inconsiderate weather patterns. The kick ass detailing doesn’t hurt either. Chuck a buck on your card and fork out for this spring, summer, autumn and winter’s best jacket option.

Wearing: River Island dress, Josh Goot bomber, vintage hat, Ego boots
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli


Row Two, Seat B

One of life’s greatest challenges is travelling well. I am #blessed enough to have had a few trips in my time but to this day, I am yet to conquer the ‘not-too-smelly-of-a-tourist’ look. When you are fresh off a twelve hour, sardine-packed, slightly farty flight and the goddess in row two, seat B is wearing the leather jacket you wish you had and the jeans you thought were too uncomfortable for flying in, you can’t help but sob a lil’ on the inside. Suddenly your Nike’s and loose tee have left you feeling more Camilla than Diana. The deep feelings of inadequacy creep on up and you are now convincing yourself that row two, seat B has a serious case of crap personality-itis and an excess of body hair under her perfectly ironed, put-together ensemble. Deep down though, you know it aint’ so. With all of our deeply embedded vain and narcissistic qualities, is it too much to ask for to look at least ‘decent’ while travelling?

Enter, Josh Goot bomber. Again from the archives, this beauty has everything you need to pep yourself up for the jeopardies of travelling. The striking orchid pattern is enough to disguise a cheeky food stain or four, is as comfortable as mum jeans and has you looking like a total rock star ready for a guitar hero battle. It is also perfectly complements every modern woman’s travel uniform of black jeans and sneakers, hitting all the right comfort and style notes. If this aint’ love, I really don’t know what is.

Wearing: Josh Goot ‘orchid’ bomber, Winston Wolfe leather skirt, Asos ribbed turtleneck crop, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag and Balenciaga boots
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli



Sweater Vests

Many of you would agree with whole-hearted enthusiasm that the nineties boasted some of televisions greatest, comedic triumphs. Having graced this world with my presence in ’94, I am lucky to say I grew up right in the midst of things. Despite being a vaguely intelligent lil’ grasshopper growing up, I never quite understood, as I still don’t, many of the jokes told on some of these classics. Still, so many questions remain. During this difficult period I adopted a foolproof coping mechanism. Solution – only watch shows that have that wonderful, utterly genuine audience laugh on tap. Generally speaking, solve all your problems by watching Friends.

One man whose jokes and love for sweater vests was never lost on me despite my emotionally undeveloped brain, was the gorgeous Chandler Bing. My first introduction to vests and sheer human perfection, Matthew Perry – the man rocked the hell outta’ those vests. Hereby inspiring me to do the same. A badass print never goes out of style, so again, like many times before, I am whipping out a Josh Goot flower bomb piece, you ripper. To stop myself feeling too much like a Girl Scout, cookie selling mother of three, I’ve paired it with a silk camisole and old-school chained belt. Now, I think, thanks to the help of this beauty of a vest, Chandler would totally, like love me.

Wearing: Josh Goot Flowerbomb vest, J brand jeans, Asos silk camisole, Nasty gal belt, Celine tote
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli




Charlie’s Angels

This glorious Josh Goot corset with all of its boning and feminine structure has me feeling very hot and flustered. It’s difficult to weld together ‘easy & wearable’ to ‘fancy & smancey’ but this number has very much managed to do so. Believe it or not, this baby aint’ all that bad to wear, comfortable and covered, there is no stressing about falling out or slips. With a waist-cinching peplum silhouette, this garment has taught my simple mind that a corset can be much more than a medieval instrument of torture or a budget bride’s goldmine. You can actually, dare I say it, wear this with jeans and flats and not look like a wealthy socialite with too much money. Yes, I know you are all waiting for my far too regular metaphor so here goes nothing; I feel like a less athletic, far less badass but way better dressed Charlies Angel (Dylan #1).

If you are in fact alive and vaguely interested in fashion, chances are you would have stumbled across a Josh Goot corset. Buy it asap. Lastly, my subconscious and heart cannot let me finish this post without mentioning that Natalie & Alex was also gnarly, I am just so conflicted.

Wearing: Josh Goot ‘Flowerbomb’ corset, Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses, Chanel Le Boy bag, Winston Wolfe Jack Rabbit leather pants, Balenciaga Blade boots
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli


Carb Lovin’

Aside from bread, my greatest love comes in the form of a mean black blazer. It’s incredibly difficult to appear dishevelled with a classic, structured blazer draped over your shoulders. The more ‘together’ I can look, the better, so when I stumbled across this stunner by Kym Ellery, the instantaneous magnetic force between my fingers and bank card was just too immense to resist.

With intrinsically beautiful detailing, the quality and design savviness is more than apparent and worth spending a couple of extra pennies for. This lil’ badass blazer really is the be all and end all of the jacket world (like bread in the baked goods world), with fine stitching, rich materials and an old school attitude. Without sounding smug, this blazer kind of rules the world and has left me feeling like the carb-loving female James Bond, kind of rad.

Wearing: Josh Goot bustier, Ellery Sympatico blazer, Asos skirt, Celine Trio bag, Sportsgirl heels
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli



Just Joshin’ Ya

Every blessed human to ever have the divine opportunity to meet me could probably very aptly name my favourite designer without too much hassle. Josh Goot, duh. Like the rest of the world I am utterly enthralled by each collection he effortlessly unleashes on us, and like a desperate groupie I can’t help but lap up every last piece of his genius. So it will come as no surprise that I have once again emptied my pockets and sold my body (figure of speech Mum, don’t sweat it) to invest in another one of his pieces.

This beautiful skirt, is quite literally what my wet dreams are made of. The textured fabric, slight metallic finish and quite frankly just the whole bloody thing, is providing me with more happiness than any food /money/man (in that order) ever could. Not only is it comfortable, but with this baby there is no risk of a Marilyn moment (only when my skirt flies up I get a red face and sweaty upper lip). So if you’re looking for a special occasion outfit or just hoping to channel your inner badass, jump on the Goot bandwagon and give his next collection the once over. It’ll make you happy as Larry, I promise.

Wearing: Josh Goot Resort ‘13 skirt, Estelle Deve Tiaa Ring set, Bassike Detailed T-back Tank, Karen Walker sunglasses
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli


Severe Acne

Acne Studios, the only type of acne I welcome with open arms and that was certainly the case when my brand spanking new shearling Jacket arrived (a feeling on par with Christmas morning, Easter and every birthday ever). Thick leather, silk lining, detachable shearling collar, I couldn’t have asked for more. With an evident attention to detail, Acne have made the Kate Middleton of all jackets. Bloody perfection. The Swedish fashion power house is infamous for its beautiful leathers, knits and everything in between (essentially the legends across the pond know what they’re doing. I mean first Ikea, now this…)

I often suffer from a debilitating case of flab-itis on my upper arms caused by laziness and a penchant for fried foods (anything with enough oil to cause cardiac issues), so jackets are often restrictive and uncomfortable but like an angel sent from the heavens Acne has me covered. I feel like I’ve met my soul mate. This jacket will be a lifelong wardrobe staple and is well worth dropping some pocket money on. Go and check Acne Studios out next time you’re shopping for a piece of happiness.

Wearing: Acne Studios jacket, Asos satin camisole, Dion Lee X Sarah & Sebastian headpiece, Josh Goot Flowerbomb skirt, Balenciaga boots, Celine Wallet
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli