Sweater Vests

Many of you would agree with whole-hearted enthusiasm that the nineties boasted some of televisions greatest, comedic triumphs. Having graced this world with my presence in ’94, I am lucky to say I grew up right in the midst of things. Despite being a vaguely intelligent lil’ grasshopper growing up, I never quite understood, as I still don’t, many of the jokes told on some of these classics. Still, so many questions remain. During this difficult period I adopted a foolproof coping mechanism. Solution – only watch shows that have that wonderful, utterly genuine audience laugh on tap. Generally speaking, solve all your problems by watching Friends.

One man whose jokes and love for sweater vests was never lost on me despite my emotionally undeveloped brain, was the gorgeous Chandler Bing. My first introduction to vests and sheer human perfection, Matthew Perry – the man rocked the hell outta’ those vests. Hereby inspiring me to do the same. A badass print never goes out of style, so again, like many times before, I am whipping out a Josh Goot flower bomb piece, you ripper. To stop myself feeling too much like a Girl Scout, cookie selling mother of three, I’ve paired it with a silk camisole and old-school chained belt. Now, I think, thanks to the help of this beauty of a vest, Chandler would totally, like love me.

Wearing: Josh Goot Flowerbomb vest, J brand jeans, Asos silk camisole, Nasty gal belt, Celine tote
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli