Outfit repeating – perhaps the most selfishly first world problem known to man and according to data taken from the sh*t of a bull, it is one of the most common symptoms linked to strokes, general unhappiness and bad driving. After reading numerous self-help books and trolling even more internet forums – username skatergirl94 – I’ve found the solution. It’s this foreign concept of ‘not caring’, but for those of us not strong or level-headed enough to grasp this utter unicorn of an urban myth, I’ve come up with another resolution – buying clothes that you actually want to wear twice or dare I say it, thrice.

Enter, Ellery Mojo turtleneck riding in on a glittering, gold unicorn. Operating on the promise of utter elation, I indulged my shopping cravings and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Drawing parallels from your eccentric aunt’s Christmas tree and this glorious, shiny tunic, individuality is the name of the game and it’s easy to win in this. Three cheers to Ellery for brining awareness and gentle understanding to the issue of outfit repeating and the damage it can cause amongst over privileged, whingers in developed-world countries everywhere. Signing off with one lasting tip – if it is gold, sparkly and reduces the risk of strokes, you’d be bloody irresponsible not to buy it.

Wearing: Ellery gold Mojo Turtleneck, Saint Laurent Lulu bag, Etsy earrings purchased from ‘treemunchkins’
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli



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