Kicking Goals

Growing up in a family full of boys rife with tremendous taste in television, pink leather was something I tended to associate with Kath, Kim and Sharon and a big, boozy night out in Fountain Lakes. Apart from my sexually confused cat’s brief foray into the world of pink, rhinestone collars – he rocked the hell out of it –  I have never before seen leather and pink done tastefully, or even well, until now. Enter, Acne Studios and their keen eye for bucking tradition, sending even the most heterosexual of cats for a total loop. Pink, leather and bloody beautiful, a total all-round success.

Having spent months and months of painstaking internet browsing, dodging pop ups and questionable dating site links, tracking this down has been one of the more rewarding purchases of my career. The attention to detail shown in the creation of this jacket is highlighted by the numerous buckles, zips and pockets, doing Kath Day-Knight and her entirely on fleek fashion prowess very, very proud. Another perk to life with an Acne velocite jacket, is the decline in your brutal heating bills and desire for hugs, both of which are more than provided for you with this baby. The skilled craftsmanship speaks for itself as each zip, pocket and detail are there for the purposes of practicality, design and comfort. Although my cat might disagree, this is the best pink and leather has ever looked and I wouldn’t give it up for all the high speed Wi-Fi in the world.

Wearing: Acne Studios pink Velocite jacket, H&M classic ribbed tee, Jbrand jeans