The Three Steps

With spring approaching with such renewed vigour, I am beginning the process of packing away my much loved winter clothing staples. I compare it to a funeral, this practice is a lot like mourning, saying goodbye. It takes a few weeks, lots of pubescent-like tantrums and three difficult steps to transition your wardrobe through the seasons. Let me walk you through this. Firstly and most problematic, is shock – you’ve dressed yourself in a charming coat, scarf and leather boot combo and decide to give yourself a metaphorical slap on the ass for killing this whole winter, layering thing – and then it hits. The sweats. It’s really the first time your body has perspired in six sweet months and you just know, death is nigh.  The initial realization that the curtains are closing in on winter is hard, it is emotional and it’s really, really hard, but it gets better. Stage one complete.

Stage two – mourning. Emotions are at an all-time high. You don’t want the responsibility of having to shave your legs every couple of days or bare your upper arms, you just don’t want it, you’re not ready for it. You also don’t want to say goodbye to mandarins, but girl, you have to. It’s okay, we all bleed the same blood. This stage tends to stem a few weeks and with the aid of family, friends and sleeping pills to get you through the nights, it again, gets easier. Stage two complete.

Stage three is physically putting the leather jackets and turtlenecks away. This too, can be tumultuous territory emotionally as well as physically. Persistence is key and motivation is a must. Enlist the help friends, family or tissues in this process. Stage three complete.

Having completed these three cathartic steps, I am most definitely a stronger person for it and am almost excited for what the warmer months have in stall for me. Segwaying into the spring weather is made easy by this black satin bomber, suitable for most of the year. Differentiating itself from every other bomber jacket of its kind is its length, giving you a whole lot of edginess, a little gothic and an all-round bitchin’ outfit. After a difficult three steps, I needed a little something to boost morale, energy levels and a lil’ something for some spiritual healing and this absolute cracker of a jacket is well and truly doing the trick.

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Wearing: Acne Studios Bomber jacket, Jbrand jeans, Asos button-up blouse
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli