Peachy Cheeks

My mother, Julie or J-bags as she’s known on the streets as, is and has always been a firm believer of the belt. She persistently preached and nagged away at me for never wearing a belt, exposing at least ¼ of my peachy cheeks to the greater world and forever hoisting my unflattering low-rise jeans up, but not once did I listen. Not once. There is (occasionally – very, very occasionally) something to be said for a mothers wisdom. If you really begin to look around, there are actually some very practical, aesthetic belts that would make any mother proud. Melbourne based Leather Company The Lair have curated the Deluxe Hendrix belt, born to make any outfit that much better.

Gloriously crafted with quality materials, this number has received The Royal J-Bags decree of approval and has me prancing around joyously in my modestly elevated jeans. Not only have I got myself a rad, new belt, I have also been gifted with a lifetime membership for the practical clothing movement – founded by my mother that involves meeting once a week, watching the Bachelor and talking about the neighbours, you ripper. Check out The Lair for all of your leather needs or hit up J-bags via her Myspace fan page for advice on life and bum cheeks.

Wearing: Jbrand jeans, Dion Lee Reflective knit, The Lair ‘Leather Deluxe Edition Hendrix black’ belt
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli