Row Two, Seat B

One of life’s greatest challenges is travelling well. I am #blessed enough to have had a few trips in my time but to this day, I am yet to conquer the ‘not-too-smelly-of-a-tourist’ look. When you are fresh off a twelve hour, sardine-packed, slightly farty flight and the goddess in row two, seat B is wearing the leather jacket you wish you had and the jeans you thought were too uncomfortable for flying in, you can’t help but sob a lil’ on the inside. Suddenly your Nike’s and loose tee have left you feeling more Camilla than Diana. The deep feelings of inadequacy creep on up and you are now convincing yourself that row two, seat B has a serious case of crap personality-itis and an excess of body hair under her perfectly ironed, put-together ensemble. Deep down though, you know it aint’ so. With all of our deeply embedded vain and narcissistic qualities, is it too much to ask for to look at least ‘decent’ while travelling?

Enter, Josh Goot bomber. Again from the archives, this beauty has everything you need to pep yourself up for the jeopardies of travelling. The striking orchid pattern is enough to disguise a cheeky food stain or four, is as comfortable as mum jeans and has you looking like a total rock star ready for a guitar hero battle. It is also perfectly complements every modern woman’s travel uniform of black jeans and sneakers, hitting all the right comfort and style notes. If this aint’ love, I really don’t know what is.

Wearing: Josh Goot ‘orchid’ bomber, Winston Wolfe leather skirt, Asos ribbed turtleneck crop, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag and Balenciaga boots
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli