The Suit Wearer

Between my childhood goals of becoming Avril Lavigne, a basketball player and a relatively socially acceptable person, I warmed up to the idea of being a big-shot, rich-ass lawyer. I saw money signs, respect and a constant flow of parental pride, rather than the reality of constitutional rights, dubious criminals and courts that smell like dust and boredom. At the tender age of eighteen I realised my real life goal – to be a suit-wearer. This particular breed of human, generally have minimal carbon footprint, schedule their every movement in leather-bound, personalised diaries and drink red wine voluntarily, rather charming really. Although instinctually, I doubt I will ever graduate to the highest degree in suit-wearing status, at least I can pretend.

That’s where this baby comes in. Although perhaps not court approved attire, this suit has it all. The top of my wish list for a number of months was this totally brilliant Ellery blazer. Flared at the waist with refined detailing, it’s enough to make even the most elite, fancy coffee drinkin’, suit-wearing schmuck green with envy. Pair it with a long, flattering pair of pants, designed to conceal even the worst of workplace appropriate footwear – I’ll let the kitten heel slide just this once – and presto! Outfit complete. Come zombie apocalypse, long-term unemployment or death, you’ll still find me wearing a suit.

Wearing: Celine choker, Ellery ‘Hallucogen’ blazer, Alice McCall crop, Asos suit pant, Celine clutch
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli