White Wash

My love for and desire to wear white clothing comes from a long running, deep psychological pain. As a girl who was banned from wearing white up until the age of thirteen, it’s an infliction of what I want to wear and how many food stains I can muster the energy to remove. As a somewhat fully grown adult, it is now an issue of how many fake tan stains I can muster the energy to remove – although food stains very much remain a pressing issue. To me, white clothing represents that rare breed of people who send out personalised Christmas cards, have naturally even skin tones and inactive sweat glands – aka not me. Insightfully, I have made the decision to bypass the rules of who gets to wear white and ruin my clothing, one stain at a time, staring with this beauty of a playsuit.

Absorbing the aesthetic appeal of its white cut-outs, summery material and all-in-one convenience this outfit feels all sorts of special. It’s comfortable and easily manoeuvrable, allowing me, my sweat glands and my utterly shite skin tone to breathe easy. With this said, I pledge my undying loyalty to the feminine powerhouse behind the canvas – Alice McCall. Reigning supreme in all things womanly, pretty and flattering. Aside from the flustering desperation right before a bathroom stop off, I feel nothing short of love and light for this playsuit. Wearing white and keeping the OMO stain removal department in thriving business, you bet.

Wearing: Alice McCall playsuit, Tom Ford Sunglasses, Celine clutch
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli