Ground Breaking

The thing about Adelaide ‘winter’, a bit of piss-weak rain and occasional dry pits, is that despite all enduring efforts, you will never be wearing the weather appropriate get up. As all fellow South Aussies know and hate, one minute you feel you’ve never felt the loving envelopment of warmth and the next, you’re trekking through the Saharan heat of SA. It can get real tricky, real fast. So here I am, sitting my acclimatised ass on the solution to all of your weather-induced problemos. The bomber anyone? Big bloody DUH, about as ground-breaking as florals in spring but really. This Goot bomber is providing all of the textbook comfort of your winter coat as well as protecting against our indecisive and highly inconsiderate weather patterns. The kick ass detailing doesn’t hurt either. Chuck a buck on your card and fork out for this spring, summer, autumn and winter’s best jacket option.

Wearing: River Island dress, Josh Goot bomber, vintage hat, Ego boots
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli