Flaring is caring

Every cute, bambi-esque child (or descendent of Lucifer himself) should and likely has been lectured on the importance of sharing. Sharing is caring. Three words essential to every child’s social development. As the years have rolled on in a somewhat tidal fashion and the depth of my emotional intelligence has vastly increased (cough, cough wanker) , I now hold a new philosophy near and dear. Flaring is caring, it really is. Flarers embody sophistication, worldliness and are typically really, really good sharers. To join the exclusive flarer’s cult, one must complete three simple steps. Love ‘em, buy ‘em and most imperatively, one must wear the hell out of ‘em. Not to mention, they make for a pretty rocking, theatrical guise. My wonderful pair, these Ellery ‘Faithful’ flares are no exception, instantly transforming even the most bambi-esque children into sartorially brilliant, daring (daring, sharing, flaring, bloody hell I’m good) individuals.

Wearing: Louis Vuitton bag, Camilla and Marc denim jacket, Alice McCall singlet, Ellery Flares, Ego heels
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli


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