My whole life I’ve been relatively honest with the inner workings of my soul. I’m a woman with a fondness for consuming cream cheese products, excess sodium and doing arse all. All three, have been executed perfectly throughout my years and I am now passing on some wisdom. Today I will be focusing on the latter, doing bugger all. If you’re requiring some succinct, intelligent tips on the art of slothing, look no further. I’ve found the easiest place to start is what to wear. Negating this area can more often than not prove troublesome. Some say track pants, ugg boots and the total removal of civilised behaviour or hygiene standards is the key to success and while I agree with many of the points covered, I’ve discovered a far more fruitful formula.

Introducing Lazy Oaf. A kitschy British brand, specialising in niche garments with an abundance of colour and personality. By now, you’d be questioning my thought process. How does this tie in with slothing you might ask? Well boys, it’s all in the name. The masterful geniuses behind Lazy Oaf have bought comfort and $wag together on a wild blind date and the rest as they say, is history. No gimmicks. Chuck on a Lazy Oaf thread, sit yourself down with some cheese cake and salt, throw all rules of personal hygiene out the window and voila! Slothing done right.

Wearing: Lazy Oaf top, Jbrand jeans, Gucci belt.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli