If I have not advertised the fact obnoxiously enough, I am currently camped out in humble old Oklahoma for a semester studying. And yes, Oklahoma is everything you are imagining it and more. People here live off a diet of shitty, westernized Mexican food, college sport and donuts, what a place. The natural beauty of Stillwater, home of the mighty OSU Cowboys and me for the next few months, is somewhat different from home. You see, the landscape is consistent with the colour of fried food, a lovely saturated brown. There appears to be very little wildlife apart from that of the strip on a Saturday night and I am yet to discover a building not made of redbrick. The natural beauty of this lovely little town is not exactly astonishing, but the charm all but makes up for it.

In honour of my new home, its fondness for the ‘natural browns & oranges’ colour palette and my new found college patriotism, I present you with this ripper! A combination of all three elements. Representing OSU with some orange, getting my frips out like a good college floozy should and embarrassing myself in front of a camera like only I know how.

Wearing: Bec & Bridge top, Jbrand jeans, Gucci belt
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli


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