Gypsy Glory

They say that every naïve, young girl dreams about their ideal wedding day years in advance, finding ecstasy in deciphering every tedious detail of their big day but not me I’m afraid. Thanks to my dearest Mother, I have begrudgingly sat through more episodes of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding than is good for the soul and seen what these ‘glamorous’ nuptials can do to a person. Despite the obvious trauma I have experienced from this British budget production, the root of my issue lies elsewhere. Cheap, nasty corsetry is the real reason behind my shying away from all thing weddings. It’s a societal problem that has plagued us for years. As my Instagram bio suggests I am a philanthropist, activist and wanker so I felt it only necessary to bring awareness to this saddening issue – CHEAP CORSETRY SUCKS, but before this begins to sound too much like my own, personal manifesto of hatreds I want to point out the exception.

This bad boy Kitx dress is the ONLY example of corsetry I will allow in the Haus of Rachel. The palpable superiority and structure of this frock gives my black flab a lovely lil’ squeeze here and a nice hold there – thank goodness for that. Kit Willow is a bloody legend, kind of like all those wedded gypsies, except, well not.

Wearing: Kitx dress, Balenciaga Blade Boots
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli