Holiday Stupor

My favourite part of the any given year is the small, blissful window of time between the hectic Christmas and New Year’s festivities. This period, a true gift from the gods, is where the seemingly random scattering of useless public holidays and celebrations see no end and the onslaught of inactivity, laziness and extensive food consumption is more than encouraged. This time of liberation and freedom comes as a welcome reward for my due diligence in cooking, wrapping, buying, cleaning, decorating and ‘appearing’ to be achieving all of the above, while really, leaving the all the heavy lifting to the big dogs. It is hard, torturous work and I deserve that break.

As many of my friends spent their days of free will down at the beach or enjoying a regular, active and healthy lifestyle (losers), I set myself a challenge. A journey only the mentally resilient can survive, a trial for the ages. I sat down and watched episode by episode, hour by hour, the entirety of the ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ series. I was well and truly absorbed into another world, a land where chicken nuggets and tatter tots reign supreme in the gold mine of nutritional value and ‘redneck’ is a badge of honour, designed to be worn with immense pride. After I completed my 146 hour, quest for television series excellence, I felt a deep need to spruce my existence up, cue this outfit.

Hiding my deep desires for mudslinging and lard laden delicacies, this ensemble is seeing me into the new year in a wonderful fashion. With nothing more brilliant than a blazer, belt combination, this get up has me feeling fresh and rejuvenated after my intense holiday stupor. I can wear my denim cut-offs with total confidence after definitively earning my stripes as an honorary member of the Deep South and slapping on this beautiful belt has not only polished the outfit, but also my tarnished soul after hours of ‘viewing pleasure’.

Wearing: Vintage shorts, Asos black crop, Ellery blazer, Ancient Greek Sandals shoes, B-low the Belt belt and Celine clutch
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli