I’m writing this for all of my loyal, regular readers, all three of you. Auntie Bo I see you. It’s merely a public service announcement to inform y’all that I have, after a great number of years, found the brightest, tightest white dress of our sweet, sweet dreams. A great white dress is as important as ripped jeans (oh you buy ‘em like that, did ya? Yeah, yeah I did you giant dickhead) and your back up pair of gold dangly earrings. Not necessary but certainly encouraged. This lil’ slugger won’t burn the pay check, is easy to get your grubby digits on and flatters all shapes. Check out the links below for my roundup of the right kind of white… dress.

Wearing: Lioness “All Summer Long’ Ruffle Dress found here, Holly Ryan “Gold Minimalist Hoop” Earrings found here and patchy “I Can’t Apply Sunblock” tan found below.
Photography: Anastasia Borrelli @anastasia.borrelli