Dirty, Stinkin’, Good for Nothin’

Confession time.  I’m a joke repeater, a dirty, stinkin’, good for nothin’ joke repeater. If I feel like someone likes what I’m putting down, I’ll drive that attempt at humour into the ground, warranted or not. So any peanut nutty enough (like what I did there? Yeah, yeah I know) to pay attention to my Instagram feed, will be able to point out my unrelenting penchant for the good ol’ Acne Studios, pimple gag. A total classic amirite!? Regardless, I’m looking to upgrade my already sophisticated satirical offenses and branch out, so bid your sweet farewells fellas. RIP dad jokes, RIP joke repeating, Rest in Pieces. From here on out I vow to produce only the freshest jests for y’all, I do.  With that being said, I’ve got nothin’, nada, no Bueno in the ‘new material’ section of my brain. I’m very open to suggestions so any of you good blokes listening in with a corking Acne Studio’s pun, send ‘em in. Seriously, I’ll send you a gift card for Woolies or something.

Wearing: Acne Studios ‘Velocite Leather-trimmed Shearling Biker’ Jacket found here, Helmet Lang leather skirt found here, unbranded sunglasses, similar found here.

Photography: Anastasia Borrelli @anastasia.borrelli