Flying Saucers

My jublies, juicy, juicy mosquito bites, whatever you so care to call ’em, have enjoyed a troubled relationship with bathers for years now. Aside from the asymmetry and varying cup sizes, my flying saucers have to compete for attention with the unsightly breasty overhang that occurs in the underarm and back regions. Positively unsightly.

It comes as a rare and very welcome surprise when I do, in fact, find a pair of swimmers that bring my breasticles and their generous overhang together in a warm, supportive embrace. Girls or tit-bearing organisms, listen up. Our friends at Bamba swim have us sorted with a low-key Mary-Kate and Ashley miracle. Underwire, support AND comfort – what the hooters?!

Get em’ here. Wearing Sixtysix silk scarf similar found here, The In Coming ‘Astro’ necklace found here.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli