I’ve recently experienced a number of life-changing experiences that have completely blown my enormous brain to bits – all courtesy of my life-giver, and the individual responsible for my crass sense of ‘umour, Ma. With such a powerful force of all-encompassing knowledge behind me, it seems only fair to pass on my newly-established wisdom on such worldly matters, so, grasshoppers, listen the hell up.

Last Wednesday, said life-giver and avid lover of cream of the ice variety, bought home a Wagon-Wheel icecream sambo. Yes, yep it was better than you could ever have dreamt of – truly life altering even.

Rolling with her momentum, Mother decided to drop another figurative bomb in the form of a dog pram. My 6-year-old pupperino, entirely healthy aside from his prominent position on the spectrum, was unable to walk around the block without the help of a pram, according to Mother. If you’ve ever experienced such an event you too, can attest to the cocktail of excitement, confusion and revelation it can leave you with. Again, truly life alerting.

Last and certainly not least, Mama bear, the woman who wears nothing but clacky mules, polka dots and colours named after vegetables, taught me a bloody lesson about fashion. The woman, the myth, the legend herself bought me a dress that didn’t result in a rash or a trip to the Vinnie’s charity bin. The revelation, as well as the dress itself, has blown my understanding of my mother’s capabilities and worldly knowledge – the old gurl still got it.

Dress featured in images below, Wagon-Wheel can be seen protruding from under dress and dog pram incident to be released to the public at my own discretion.

Wearing: Verge girl dress found here, Amber Sceats headpiece, vintage necklaces.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli