Beautiful Leather & Ross Gellar

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It’s invariably difficult to navigate the perils mastering the ‘going out look’. With a desire to stand out in the throngs of poorly applied eyebrows, fake id’s and crop tops, pounding the vomit ridden pavement can often be a thankless task. We can all agree there is not a thing worse than someone hobbling through the pain in heels with tight skirt with a cheek or two coming out to say hello (Ebola probably worse). A situation of that calibre reeks as much desperation as Austin Powers himself. And while it’s agonizing to admit, throughout my deplorable teenage years this may well have been me. I am soon going to be riding the 20 year old wave and am not looking back. I have since turned a page (or two or three) since my fashion victim days and learnt that exposing skin is not always the way to perfect killer ‘partying’ attire. Such maturity I possess.

Since Ross Gellar in THAT episode of ‘Friends’, leather pants have always been an absolute ‘yes’ in my book (my love for the man is immeasurable). There aint’ nothing sexier than beautiful leather.. or Ross Gellar (unintentional rhyme but potential song lyric) and when I envision a great outfit, it nearly always revolves around my leathers. They are understated and elegant, both of which are qualities I unequivocally do not retain. While I appreciate an all-black outfit as much as the next gal, its more exciting to add a bitta’ colour and spice your life up. Today, this comes in the form of my Camilla and Marc ‘Cadero’ blazer. Bloody beautiful if I do say so myself, although it does leave me with limited arm movement (equivalent to the Tin-Man in the Wizard of Oz and similar aesthetically too). The structure of the shoulder pads provide the outfit with a beaut silhouette and make for one helluva an outfit. Now I’m ready for beers, babes and breakdancing. Adios!

Wearing: Winton Wolfe Jack Rabbit leather pants, Willow bodysuit, Camilla and Marc Cadero Blazer.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli