Holy Guac

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Sunglasses. Perhaps the most underrated of accessories. Not given the credit they deserve, I say, Sunnies are my go-to when I’m having a you’re-lucky-I-am-even-leaving-the-house/wet-hair-don’t-care kinda day. A neat pair of sunnies can be as much of a pick-me-up as a cheeseburger at 2am, so when I stumbled across Olivia Palermo wearing these Dior ‘So Real’ babies, I thought, cheese and whiskers. I want. Now. Channelling my inner NYC fashion guru I purchased a pair in the hope that unnaturally handsome – don’t require a filter – German men would flock to me, (it worked for her, why not me right?). Unfortunately for me, (and my future children’s genetics) the glasses did not have the magnetic force to attract model men to me, but holy guac they are beautiful.

I settled on the silver reflective glasses. With an already edgy design, these sunnies are on the larger size which means that big block heads like me can wear them and have them suit your face shape. Having been gifted a nice ol’ bump on my nose from an incident with my older brother (abuse/assault and somewhat unprovoked) at the tender age of nine, it has always been slightly uncomfortable to wear sunnies on the bridge of my nose. Moral of the story, these Dior babies have solved all my sartorial problems. For anybody deliberating a purchase of any of the ‘So Real’ sunnies, ask yourselves… actually no, just buy them. Buy the suckers. Your bank account won’t like you but its well worth dropping some dollars.

Wearing: Balenciaga ‘Weird Trip’ Tee, Dior ‘So Real’ Sunglasses, Acne Leather jacket, Asos skirt.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli