Just Joshin’ Ya

Every blessed human to ever have the divine opportunity to meet me could probably very aptly name my favourite designer without too much hassle. Josh Goot, duh. Like the rest of the world I am utterly enthralled by each collection he effortlessly unleashes on us, and like a desperate groupie I can’t help but lap up every last piece of his genius. So it will come as no surprise that I have once again emptied my pockets and sold my body (figure of speech Mum, don’t sweat it) to invest in another one of his pieces.

This beautiful skirt, is quite literally what my wet dreams are made of. The textured fabric, slight metallic finish and quite frankly just the whole bloody thing, is providing me with more happiness than any food /money/man (in that order) ever could. Not only is it comfortable, but with this baby there is no risk of a Marilyn moment (only when my skirt flies up I get a red face and sweaty upper lip). So if you’re looking for a special occasion outfit or just hoping to channel your inner badass, jump on the Goot bandwagon and give his next collection the once over. It’ll make you happy as Larry, I promise.

Wearing: Josh Goot Resort ‘13 skirt, Estelle Deve Tiaa Ring set, Bassike Detailed T-back Tank, Karen Walker sunglasses
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli


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