God Save the Buritto

Food sweats, lethargy and a whole lotta’ of self-hatred. Post burrito feast and I’m feelin’ fine (if not a little bloated). I dressed myself this morning, keeping in mind my outfit has to combat the nasty side effects of extreme eating. Today’s word of the day is comfort. This being said, the logical option was to hit up my staples for a ready-made ensemble. While it’s easy to fall into the trap of consistently wearing the same thing, it’s even easier to change up an outfit with a different bag, pair of sunglasses or shoes. Accessorise divas, accessorise. That’s the name of the game today. In my grasping little paws is my ultimate, all-time favourite clutch. Celine by name, badass by nature. For me, this baby is on par with my love for Twisties, Obama and sleep and has me feeling like a flamboyant 56 year old woman stuck in the disco era, altogether fabulous.

If you find yourself in my shoes and needing an instant outfit spruce up, hit up your accessories to improve your get up. This outfit got me through my post burrito depression (sadness because it’s over, not because it happened. Never because it happened…). God save the burrito.

Wearing: Bassike Detailed T-back Tank, Asos jeans, Rayban sunglasses, Celine Holographic pouch, Sandals bought in Greece.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli