Severe Acne

Acne Studios, the only type of acne I welcome with open arms and that was certainly the case when my brand spanking new shearling Jacket arrived (a feeling on par with Christmas morning, Easter and every birthday ever). Thick leather, silk lining, detachable shearling collar, I couldn’t have asked for more. With an evident attention to detail, Acne have made the Kate Middleton of all jackets. Bloody perfection. The Swedish fashion power house is infamous for its beautiful leathers, knits and everything in between (essentially the legends across the pond know what they’re doing. I mean first Ikea, now this…)

I often suffer from a debilitating case of flab-itis on my upper arms caused by laziness and a penchant for fried foods (anything with enough oil to cause cardiac issues), so jackets are often restrictive and uncomfortable but like an angel sent from the heavens Acne has me covered. I feel like I’ve met my soul mate. This jacket will be a lifelong wardrobe staple and is well worth dropping some pocket money on. Go and check Acne Studios out next time you’re shopping for a piece of happiness.

Wearing: Acne Studios jacket, Asos satin camisole, Dion Lee X Sarah & Sebastian headpiece, Josh Goot Flowerbomb skirt, Balenciaga boots, Celine Wallet
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli