I woke up with cold tootsies this morning and that can only mean one thing, jumper weather. I tend to melt in a puddle of sweltering goo when the thermometer reads anything over 28 degrees and while my peers relish in the opportunity to hit up the beach, I hide away under any air-conditioning I can find. So when the tables are turned and the grass is frosty outside I come out to play like a bear emerging after hibernation. I took the opportunity this morning to whip on a wintery favourite of mine, this Stella McCartney plaid jumper. It’s fluffy like snow and feels like bed. While I try to put style ahead of comfort, Stella combines the two. A combination like this can only be compared to Nutella and warm toast. Good when they’re separate, but spectacular when they come together.

On another sad note, my mother bought home ‘Nuttino’ yesterday and I am now unsure whether I care for the woman or not.

Wearing: Stella McCartney jumper, Asos light wash jean, Celine flats, Dior Tribal earrings, Christopher Kane clutch
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli