As the years roll on and my age and state of mind drift further and further apart, I begin to realise just how bloody gifted my childhood really was. I could lick all the flavouring off Shapes and cease to shower without any real consequence. I could piss away the hours of the day with little expectation of productivity or responsibility. But most of all, I could dress as I please with anything from the boys section at Target appropriately meeting my needs. Now despite my unisex ways there was one glamorous, ladylike adornment I couldn’t go past. A luxury item I believed few were lucky enough to indulge in – the feather boa my friends. Oh the texture, oh the vibrancy. On reflection, despite it’s rather nuvo riche qualities, the feather boa stands rock solid in my definition of GLAM.

At this point many of you may have drawn the conclusion that I am in fact a liability to the human race for such distaste, but alas, I have evolved. I have emotionally dealt with society’s shunning of the use and wear of everyday feather boas, so I’ve discovered the next best thing. Lost Ink’s supremely reigning detachable collared coat. The collar comes about as close to my friend the boa without taking the wearer to embarrassing levels of humiliation and is versatile… unlike my friend the boa. Whatever your stance on feather boas, one thing is obvious, this coat is the bomb ass.

Wearing: Lost Ink coat, Asos scarf, Acne Studios dress
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli