Liquorish Lovin’

I have grown up with an exceedingly healthy and loving relationship with food. Comfort, boredom and excessive eating are more of a lifestyle choice for me, than an issue. Delving into the inner workings of my brain and exposing my deep childhood desires of having secret tunnels to my local supermarket in my bedroom and vending machines in my cubby are both totally relevant, slightly embarrassing and completely true. So it will come as little surprise that when I see this clothing item I think, well – liquorish. Sadly this piece did initially disappoint my tastebuds – cue mental image of me gnawing away – but I did find happiness in every other sense.

Unique and totally b*tchin’, this top mixes biker badass with cool, city gal vibes and could really only be a Dion Lee creation. Buttery soft with a perfect fit – not a lot to hate – although I did have to take it easy on my boredom eating, which in any pretence is difficult.

Wearing: Dion Lee Leather Corded Interlock top, Asos flares
Photos:Anastasia Borrelli