Little Mermaid

Much to the disgust of my peers I have never been a Disney child, I was always more into Goosebumps and sports docos. I am still yet to see the Lion King or Pocahontas and have paid a very high price for it over the years. Guilt, self-destruction and an inability to navigate the perils of heroism, romance and all that fun stuff. Despite my lack of knowledge on all things Disney, when I saw this dress I thought Ariel would rock the socks off this bad boy (for those of you kindred spirits, Ariel is The Little Mermaid). With a silvery undertone, this material is literally unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It emulates the movement of water and catches the light. Comfortable, sexy and demure. Also not to brag but this baby only set me back $50, retailing for $40 USD so sucked in, I am officially Queen of the world.

This dress encompasses everything that little boy with a female reproductive system, vast collection of Avril Lavinge cd’s and wardrobe brimming with questionable hand-me-downs wanted to be. Despite my childhood angst, this dress brings everything ‘girl’ out in me. If you too, wish to imitate this thing called ‘girl’, I would highly recommend hitting up lil’ ol’ H&M and bagging yourself this mermaidy, piece of magical loveliness (the dress).

Wearing: H&M Studio A/W14 dress, vintage earrings
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli