Say Chan-ello to my new favourite item. Yep, I bagged myself a boy. This lil’ baby has cool, calm and collected written all over it, with a very distinctive edge, the Lagerfield edge. While I could class the decision to opt with the herringbone stitch over the classic quilted version, one of the more difficult choices in my time, this smug new Chanel owner has NO REGRETS (tattoo is in the works). I have been searching high and low for the perfect cross-shoulder bag for yonks and like a happy little Lepricorn, I have found the elusive pot of gold (or silver in my case) at the end of the rainbow.

The quality is evident with such fine stitching and precision and let me not forgot that beautiful new bag smell (debatably more stinkin’ beautiful than new car smell). With such a massive staple item crossed off my infinite wish list I can’t help but revel in the knowledge that I now own the best, bloody bag in the world. So with that I sign off skipping off into the sunset, holding hands with my new bag and thinking up of more of these illustrious Chanel puns!

Wearing: Winston Wolfe leather top, Chanel Medium Herringbone Boy Bag, Dion Lee X Sarah & Sebastian headpiece, Asos skirt, Asos heels.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli