Mariah Carey

Life can be troublesome. Bad hair days, less than 10 hours of sleep days, unshaven leg days. The list goes on. Today exhibited all of the above qualities. Being innately lazy can be hard, especially when it comes to dressing well or just, even functioning. Everybody needs a quick, easy go-to outfit that you can slap on and look like Beyoncé when you’re really feeling more like Mariah Carey. Keep in mind basic is best, it’s always best. On days like today when the war has been lost but the battle is still raging on, keep it simple stupid. Chuck those jeans on, (as if it were that easy to slide on some skinnies, no anti-social leg/body movements needed here), grab your favourite top and as I’ve said before, accessorise humans.

This beaut vintage Chanel bag was a gift to my Mum but as any good daughter does, I stole it for the day. There is nothing that says ‘life together’ or ‘winning’ more than a bit of Chanel so although I may be a total fraud, looking in, nobody would know I skipped the underarm razor this am. RESULT! Despite these lifesaving qualities, this bag is also just really good looking. Beautiful on the inside and out, just like me (quote – my Mother, until she found out I stole her bag). To be honest I think this is what life is, pretending you have it together when really you haven’t washed your hair in 6 days and you’ve never known a pimple to grow so big. Clothing is key, but so is shampoo.

Wearing: Bassike Detailed T-back tank, Asos jeans, Celine choker, Karen Walker sunglasses, Vintage Chanel bag, Chloe Susannah Boots.
Photos: Anastasia Borrelli